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  • Capital Magazine – Capital Outstanding Charity Organisation Award

Serving Hong Kong for nearly one and a half centuries, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) has evolved with time and the city, delivers up-to- date and diversified services including Chinese and Western medical and health services, education services and community services to the public.

At the ‘Capital Best of the Best Choice for Executives 2017’, co-organised by the Capital Magazine and South China Media, the Group was awarded the ‘Capital Outstanding Charity Organisation Award’ which is the first NGO to be applauded of its provision of high-quality and contemporary services in response to the need of the society. This is a demonstration of how the brand of TWGHs has acquired the trust from the public and recommended by the Executives.

Mr. Vinci Wong, 1st Vice-Chairman of TWGHs represented the Group to receive the award on 27 September 2017. Mr. Wong said that though TWGHs is a century-old brand, it has always kept abreast of the social development and strived to introduce novel initiatives in its medical, education and community services as well as its annual Flag Day to make it more innovative and attractive.

The ‘Capital Best of the Best Choice for Executives’ has entered into it’s 15th year of operation. The award aims to honour those respectable brands that have outstanding performances in brand innovation, promotion strategies as well as the provision of high-quality products and services in last year.