Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

About Us

Functions of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees and monitors the performance of the executives through Board Meetings and a committee system. To discharge the governance role, the Board:

  • formulates broad strategies and makes policies to achieve the Group’s mission and objectives
  • supervises the Chief Executive and the senior management team and ensures accountability while ensuring internal control and setting parameters within which the management team operates
  • helps promote the image of TWGHs and builds community relations
  • donates and actively participates in fund-raising activities of the Group
  • presents a balanced, accurate and timely assessment of the Group’s financial position
  • reports appropriately to external stakeholders including the Advisory Board

Committees & their Terms of Reference

TWGHs is managed on a committee-rule basis with the Board of Directors as the governing body. The Board is assisted by an Executive Committee in governing the Group. Under the Board, various committees, each overseeing a particular function or aspect of service provided by the Group, advise and recommend to the Board on the formulation of policies while giving directives to staff for implementation. They include Medical and Health Committee, Education Committee, Community Services Committee, Property Committee, Fund-raising and Corporate Communications Committee, Human ResourcesCommittee, Staff Retirement Schemes Management Committee, Finance Committee, Information Technology Committee, Audit Committee and Records and Heritage Committee. The Board also participates actively in the management and development of TWGHs’ 5 hospitals through the Hospital Governing Committees of individual hospitals. Moreover, The Tung Wah College is governed by the Board of Governors, of which the chairperson is appointed by the Tung Wah Board of Directors.

Committee Structure


  • The Hospital Governing Committees of the 5 hospitals of TWGHs are established under the Hospital Authority with members from TWGHs Board of Director, cooperating with the Authority to support the development of the 5 hospitals.
  • The Tung Wah College is governed by the Board of Governors, of which the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Members are appointed by TWGHs from amongst the nominees recommended by the nomination committee and approved by TWGHs.