Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Records and Heritage

As the most long-standing Chinese charitable organisation across the territory, TWGHs has been providing Hong Kong citizens with diversified services in response to their needs. While its unique history reflects the societal development of Hong Kong, TWGHs also plays a special role in bringing together Chinese people around the world. Over the years, TWGHs endeavours to preserve, compile, and research into its history.

To meet public aspiration for preserving local heritage, the Group established the Records and Heritage Office (the Office) in 2010 to strengthen its commitment in cultural heritage preservation. The Office manages Tung Wah Museum and TWGHs Maisy Ho Archives and Relics Centre. By promoting heritage conservation and providing cultural services, the Office is responsible for safeguarding, opening up and sharing the heritage of TWGHs.

“TWGHs Records and Heritage Office” website: https://rho.tungwah.org.hk

“Preserve and Share – Tung Wah Museum Archives” website: http://www.twmarchives.hk


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