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Beneficiary Event:“Glass Recycling X Donation” Charity Campaign 2019


Beneficiary Event “Glass Recycling X Donation” Charity Campaign 2019
Organizer Baguio Green Group Limited
Date 1 June to 30 November 2019 (both dates inclusive)
Venue Hong Kong Island (including Islands District) and New Territories
Purpose For the charity campaign, “Glass Recycling X Donation”, a donation of $300 for every ton of collected glass bottle will be made to TWGHs by BAGUIO in support of the development of its various services.
Enquiry Tel: (852) 8100 2541 ∣ Email: gmc@baguio.com.hk ∣ Web: gmc.baguio.com.hk
Remarks The waste glass bottle collected in this campaign will be recycled in Baguio’s Waste Glass Bottle Recycling Plant.