Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

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The Division monitors procedures and organizes activities leading to the formation of the Board of Directors, and it provides administrative and secretarial support services for the Board. It takes charge of the work in connection with the relevant Ordinances of TWGHs, the administrative work of the Association of Past & Present Directors of TWGHs as well as the management of the Assembly Hall of Tung Wah Hospital. It further provides secretarial support for the senior management of the Administration Headquarters. Besides, the Division builds and promotes the public image of the Board of Directors through organizing social functions and courtesy visits for the Board geared to strengthening relationship building with government departments, associated organizations and the community. The Division also helps arrange the protocol of ceremonial events and functions initiated by other Divisions and Branches.

The corporate administration and public relations functions of the Board and Corporate Administration Division are taken charged by the Head of Board and Corporate Administration Division. The Division comprises 2 Sections which are headed by the Senior Board & Committees Manager and the Senior Board Relations Manager respectively.

Work of Board and Committees Section

  • Monitoring procedures and organizing activities leading to the formation of the Board
  • Organizing inauguration activities and induction training of the Board
  • Compilation of the Code of Corporate Governance of the TWGHs
  • Compilation of the corporate Annual Plan and the quarterly management situation reports
  • Providing secretarial support service to enhance the Board and the senior management in the discharge of governance and management functions
  • Taking charge of the administrative work of the Association of Past and Present Directors of TWGHs
  • Management of the Assembly Hall of Tung Wah Hospital

Work of the Board Relations Section

  • To strengthen the social network of the Board of Directors within Hong Kong and Greater China while at the same time promoting the image of the Board through organizing annual courtesy visits to the Central Government officials in Beijing to report the Group’s provision of services for the community and its latest development as well as organizing courtesy visits to our associated counterparts in the Special Administrative Region of Macao and Taiwan to foster the exchange of experience in promoting local charitable work
  • To organize networking functions and dinners throughout the year to strengthen effective relationship building with the Group’s stakeholders including the relevant government bureaux, former and current Members of the Board and the community
  • To organize social functions to foster the relationship building and networking among current and former Directors
  • To show support towards frontline services and activities, the Section also coordinates the Board in attending various ceremonies and functions of the Group initiated by Divisions and Branches as well as provides support for the protocol arrangements of those activities
  • To provide central services such as receiving and despatching, transportation and menial support for the Administration Headquarters