Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

About Us

The Audit Division performs independent appraisal and reviews on the adequacy and effectiveness of accounting, financial and operational systems and procedures of Tung Wah with regard to the efficient use, custodianship and management of operating funds. The Division conducts regular audits on the accounts and operations of all Divisions and service centres (except hospitals) to ensure their adherence to the Board’s policies and TWGHs’ regulations. Management audits are also conducted to ensure the effective use of resources of the Group.

Audit assignments completed in 2019/2020 :

    • Audit on Primary Schools
    • Audit on Educational Services Units
    • Audit on District Elderly Community Centres and Neighbourhood Elderly Centres
    • Audit on Allocation of Places under Agency Quota for Elderly Homes
    • Audit on Family and Child Development Services
    • Audit on Healthcare Professional Referring Service
    • High-level Review of New Service Units
    • Review on Procurement Procedures