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 Supplier Registration (excluding building facilities and construction related items)

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals’ (“TWGHs”) Purchasing & Supplies Section maintains list of suppliers of goods and services for issuing tender / quotation invitations. The Purchasing & Supplies Section would like to invite potential suppliers to register for the supply of goods / services including, but not limited to, the following categories:-

1. Supplies for student and related services:-

printing of exercise books, student uniform, arts materials and tools, tuck shop, drink vending machine, student coach service, student counselling service, lunch box service, technical support for schools

2. Medicine, medical products and medical service:-

medicine, wholesale of herbs, medical drug for smoking cessation, medical equipment and products, medical examination and assessment for staff, dental service for staff

3. Office supplies:-

stationery, paper, cleaning items, office product and projection equipment, computer hardware, software and peripheral items

4. Others:-

wholesale of food, adult incontinence supplies, sacrificial items, staff uniform, electrical appliance, insurance consultancy service, security guarding service, recycling service, cleaning service

Application for inclusion in TWGHs Supplier List

  • Application for inclusion in TWGHs Supplier List is free of charge.
  • Interested supplier should have:-
    • Copy of a valid Business Registration Certificate in Hong Kong;
    • Sound and reasonable financial status;
    • Good relevant past experience and/or job reference;
    • Capability on supplying the environmental friendly product.
  • Company who wishes to apply for registration as a potential supplier of TWGHs Purchasing & Supplies Section for the mentioned goods and services above (Note ※) can download the “Supplier Registration Form” for completion (Download the Supplier Registration Form).

Download the Supplier Registration Form

Note ※ If you want to apply as TWGHs Property Division’s approved consultant or contractor (material for works, building facilities, cleansing services for property, minor works and lift services, etc.), please click here [application for applying as approved consultant or contractor to be sent to Property Division directly].
  • The completed application form together with other supported information (in PDF format) should be returned via Tung Wah Group of Hospitals web-site.

Submit the Supplier Registration Form
In case there is any changes of your company particulars, please notify TWGHs Purchasing & Supplies Section by email at least 7 working days before the changes taking effect (email address: fsdpss@tungwah.org.hk)

The information given in the process of supplier registration will be handled strictly confidential. The included TWGHs Suppliers will be notified for any invitations to tender / quotation, as and when opportunities arise.


The supplier lists (“Lists”) maintained by TWGHs are intended for communication purposes (where applicable) only. None of the Lists or TWGHs’ notifications of tender / quotation invitation for the supply of goods or services (“Notifications”) shall give rise to any right or expectation on the part of the suppliers on any Lists (“Suppliers”) or any obligation on the part of TWGHs. TWGHs makes no statement, representation or warranty (express or implied) to Suppliers that the Notifications or any of them will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error free.

TWGHs shall not in any event be liable to any Suppliers for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in relation to any failure or delay in receiving any Notifications (whether transmitted by electronic means or otherwise).