Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Fund-raising and Donations

Medical Equipment Donation Scheme (for Community Services) 2017-2018 – Donors Acknowledgement

Our gratitude goes to the well-wishers below for their generous support towards the Medical Equipment Donation Scheme (for Community Services). The donation received enables us to enhance the medical facilities and provide a more comprehensive medical care and attention for the elderly, disabled and youth. Our appreciation also goes to all other donors not listed here.

(The following acknowledgment is listed in accordance with the donation amount, and was recorded up to 29 March 2018.)

Macromech Hyd Equipment Ltd.

Mr. CHAN Chor Yin

Dr. CHAN Kwok Keung, Charles



East Joint Designs Limited

Ms. Monalisa CHAN Man Lai

Mr. CHAN Shing Che, Phileas

Mr. WONG Koon Fong

Mr. YAU Kai Cheong, Albert


徐成先生 黎扇女士 伉俪

ICO Group Limited

Mr. WANG Wai Hong, Kenny


Ms. TANG Sau Lan

Mr. SO Chi Wing

Mr. SHIU Leung Piu