Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Fund-raising and Donations

History of long-life annual raising events

Tung Wah Charity Gala (since 1979)

Tung Wah has been co-organizing a fund-raising Variety Show with Television Broadcasts Limited since 1974. The event was formally named “欢乐满东华” in Chinese since 1979 comprising a Charity Estate Competition, a Hamburger Sale and a TV Charity Show. There were 9 estates participating in the Estate Competition and only 20 telephone lines were installed to receive donations during the 5 ½ hour TV live Show.
After years of development, the Tung Wah Charity Gala now consists of a number of fund-raising programmes. The TV Show, finale of the event, is usually held in the evening of the second Saturday of December each year. There were 130 donation receiving telephone lines installed during the 7½ hour TV Show live broadcast on TVB Jade. It is the largest scale event with most donations raised annually for Tung Wah. Over $86M was raised in 2010.

Free Medical Services Donation Scheme (since 1989)

The event was introduced in 1989 in collaboration with Commercial Radio I to raise funds for our provision of free medical services for the needy in-patients and out-patients. It consisted of an exhibition on Tung Wah’s medical services, visit to Tung Wah’s hospitals and a Charity Dinner Show.

Nowadays, the Scheme is still well supported by our well-wishers. Over $7M was raised each year in recent years.

Flag Day

The Flag Day is an annual major event of Tung Wah over the past decades. Thousands of students of Tung Wah and volunteers will assist in selling flags over the territory. Flag selling counters are also set up at Tung Wah’s hospitals and community services centres. Around $4M was raised each year in recent years.

Pledges to donors

We treasure the support of our well-wishes and appreciate very much their donations of whatever amount. Hence, we would endeavour to ensure that every cent of their donations would be properly used for the provision of services for the needy. We would like to put forth and stand by the following pledges to our donors:

  • We welcome their enquiries on our mission and use of our donations.
  • We welcome their enquiries on our management structure.
  • We welcome their inspection to our financial statements and Annual Reports.
  • We would closely monitor the handling of our donations.
  • We welcome their enquiries on the identities of personnel representing us in the donation collection.
  • We respect their privacy and would take every reasonable step to ensure that it is duly protected.
  • We would honour the acknowledgements committed to them.
  • We would handle and give a reply to their enquiries as soon as we can.

Pledges to donors