Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

About Us

With over 10,800 non-hospital staff in the TWGHs workforce, the Human Resources Division is committed to planning, developing and managing human resources functions for enhancement of systems for talent management and alignment of the relevant practices with changing environment needs as well as employment-related ordinances as amended/newly introduced by the government for non-hospital staff. The work mainly covers manpower planning and acquisitions, remuneration and leave benefits, staff training and development, occupational safety and health, performance management and staff discipline as well as cessation of services and retirements.

The Division plays a proactive role in promoting a learning culture, embracing staff with Tung Wah Spirit, increasing their sense of belongings, overseeing the Group’s staff welfare benefits and schemes, launching staff relations and work-life balance activities, promoting staff-oriented caring culture and maintaining effective staff communication channels for over 17,500 hospital and non-hospital staff.

In pursuit of sustainability for future development and excellence in best practices, the human resources functions aim at providing efficient and effective professional support services to all user Divisions/Office/service centres/schools and building up a dedicated and cohesive workforce with professional competency and versatility to achieve TWGHs’ corporate mission.


The Human Resources Division is one of the eleven divisions constituting the administration headquarters of TWGHs. It assumes overall human resources policy responsibility under the guidance of the Human Resources Committee and the Staff Retirement Schemes Management Committee, and through consultation at the staff Consultation Committee and the Staff Welfare Committee. The Division which is led by the Head of Human Resources Division is underpinned by two Sections, namely the Personnel Section and Staff Training & Welfare Section.


The Division is responsible for the development and implementation of policies pertaining to TWGHs’ human resources management, staff training and welfare. Its scope of work includes the management of organization structures and staff establishment, grading of posts, staff recruitment, promotions, salary administration, staff training and development, resignations, retirements, termination of contracts, extension of service, provident fund administration, staff relations and welfare activities, staff communication channels, staff appraisal, discipline, labour relations and employees’ compensation.


To be a leading, visionary and dynamic human resources management team.


To build up a dedicated workforce with professional competency and versatility to meet and prepare for the environmental challenges and changing service needs.