Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

About Us

The Division is responsible for the formulation of IT strategy, related solution planning and implementation as well as provision of support services to TWGHs with a view to achieving operational efficiency. A full spectrum of IT support services including project planning and management, system study, design and analysis, programming, testing and commissioning and subsequent operating support, computer facilities evaluation and equipment testing, as well as end-user computing support are provided. Apart from promoting diffusion of IT to facilitate its application in various operations of the Group, the Division also helps strengthen IT governance that geared to enhancing the IT security and information management of the Group through conducting regular training workshops for staff.


The information technology functions are carried out under the guidance of Board of Directors and supported by the Information Technology Division. The Division is directed by the Head of Information Technology Division and assisted by 2 Senior Information Technology Managers to oversee the works on systems development; project management; infrastructure and technical support.

Major Task

The Information Technology Divison provides information technology and communication services for all Divisions and service centres in four major areas listed below:

  1. Software Development and Project Management
    The Division provides a variety of software development services including business system analysis; development of software information system, software testing, database administration, design and tuning. The Division also provides IT project management services for large scale application solution and outsourcing projects.
  2. System Maintenance and Enhancement Services
    The Division maintains about 50 information systems and several websites/portals running in LINUX platforms and Windows server platforms. The software development team of the Division provides system maintenance services aim to enhance and optimize the functionalities of application systems as well as to remediate system defects and modifying systems in accordance with users’ requirements and practical usage. The application system quality both in usability and applicability can be improved continuously.
  3. System Operation and Technical Support
    The systems operation and support services provided by Information Technology Division comprise of 3 major services areas listed as follows:-

    1. IT Infrastructure
      The Division maintains a reliable and secured network infrastructure for ensuring the effective, efficient and secured information exchange between the Administration Headquarters and the service centres.  A number of computing servers running under LINUX and Windows server environment are located at the data centres of the Administration Headquarters and specific medical service centres for supporting centralized application systems in areas of financial accounting, human resources; procurement; property management, fixed asset, community services and localized application systems for the Group’s medical and health-care services. The Division also provides system support, networking and operation services remotely for other IT facilities and application systems installed at some medical service centres, schools and community services centres.
    2. Technical support
      The Operation Unit of Information Technology Division has provided various system support, networking and hardware technical support for our system development staff and other users from different Divisions/Service Centres with the following tasks:

      • IT Assistance & Consultation Service  with Users
      • Software Support Services
      • System Administration & Monitoring Services
      • System Maintenance Services (Package Software)
      • System Security & Information Protection Services
      • IT Products & Technology Evaluation Services
      • In-house Computer Training Service
      • In-house Data Backup and Restore Services
      • System Recovery Service
      • Email Services
    3. System Security and Control
      To strengthen system security and controls, hardware and software have been installed to protect our servers, PC workstations and network against malicious attack and virus infection. The security policies and tools enforced by the Division, are to ensure our users enjoying stable and secure IT services environment with high system availability.
  4. IT Strategic planning and Governance
    To keep pace with the ever-changing technological landscape and rapidly developing services in Tung Wah, the IT strategy has been driven as an integral part of corporate strategy and IT governance as an integral part of corporate governance to ensure the effectiveness deliverable of IT value.  IT standards and policies as well as IT control framework have been reviewed regularly and the best practice in IT implementation has been introduced for various Tung Wah’s services in an efficient way.