Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

About Us

The Records and Heritage Office implements work plans in compliance with the major strategic directions of the heritage work of the TWGHs. It preserves and promotes the heritage of Tung Wah contributing towards preserving the heritage of Hong Kong, explores Tung Wah’s past and future role in networking the Chinese communities worldwide as well as develops the Tung Wah Museum and the TWGHs Maisy Ho Archives and Relics Centre as significant resource centres in studying the history of Hong Kong, modern China, world Chinese and the world. In addition to preserving and promoting the heritage of Tung Wah, the Office takes up a pioneering role in local heritage preservation.

Tung Wah Museum was originally the Main Hall of the Kwong Wah Hospital in 1911 and the building was converted into a museum to hold TWGHs’ archives and to display many of the relics donated to and collected by the Group over the decades. It was declared as a monument in 2010 and now serves as the educational base to showcase the cultural heritage of TWGHs. TWGHs Maisy Ho Archives and Relics Centre was established in 2016 with the aims to collect and preserve archives and relics of the Group. The Repository is well-equipped with an archives room, relics room, conservation workshop, digitization workshop and reading room.