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Question 1: How can I know about job vacancies of TWGHs?


We usually place job advertisements in local newspapers and/or on the TWGHs Website Homepage. Some advertisement scripts will be uploaded to the Human Resources Information Kiosk and Digital Signage System of the Personnel Section located at the 4/F of the Administration Headquarters. Individual service centres/schools may also advertise their vacancies in the Labour Department.

Question 2: Where can I obtain the job application form?


Application forms are obtainable in person and can be downloaded from the TWGHs website. Please read the Notes therein and Personnel Records Notice before completing the forms.

Question 3: Can I apply for more than one post by completing the same job application form?


No. Since all applications will be processed according to the type of post, you can only fill in one post in each job application form.

Question 4: Will I be notified of the result of my job application?


Applicants who have not been invited to attend an interview by the date as stated in the advertisement may assume their applications unsuccessful. For those applicants who have been invited to attend an interview, in general, they may assume their application unsuccessful if they do not receive any notification from TWGHs within 2 months after the interview date.

Question 5: If I acquire a university degree from Mainland China or overseas, would TWGHs consider my qualification as equivalent to the local university graduate?


You should seek qualification assessment from the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications. TWGHs will consider the case in accordance with the assessment result.

Question 6: What academic qualifications are considered as equivalent to having a pass in English Language (Syllabus B) in the HKCEE?


The common qualifications considered as equivalent to having a pass in English Language (Syllabus B) in the HKCEE are:

  • Level 2 in English Language in HKCEE or HKDSE in or after 2007;
  • grade C or above in English Language (Syllabus A) in the HKCEE before 2007;
  • a pass in “Use of English” in the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) in or before 1993, or in the Hong Kong Advanced Supplementary Level Examination (HKASLE) in or after 1994;
  • a pass in English Language in the Hong Kong Higher Level Examination (HKHLE); or
  • a pass in English in the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) Examination or General Certificate of Education Examination- Ordinary level or Advanced level.

On the other hand, holders of local accredited Higher Diplomas or Associate Degree, their qualifications are considered as equivalent to Grade C in English Language (Syllabus B) and Grade E in Chinese Language before 2007 or Level 3 in English Language and Level 2 in Chinese Language in or after 2007 in HKCEE.

Foundation Diplomas awarded by Vocational Training Council are considered as equivalent to the language/qualification levels of Grade E in 5 subjects, including Chinese Language and English Language (Syllabus B) before 2007 or Level 2 / Grade E in 5 subjects including Chinese and English Language in HKCEE.

For holders of a FULL Project Springboard certificate, their qualifications are considered as equivalent to 5 passes in HKCEE, including Chinese Language and English Language (Syllabus B), excluding the Mathematics.

Question 7: I would like to look for a temporary job in TWGHs. Who should I contact?


Recruitment of all temporary posts is handled by the service centre/school concerned. Please contact the service centre/school concerned direct for information.

Question 8: I've lost contact with my family member and it is said that he is a staff member of TWGHs. Is it possible to provide me with his address and mobile phone number?


Abiding by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, TWGHs will not use or disclose employment-related data of an employee, without his prior consent, for any purpose other than that directly related to his employment.

Question 9: Can you send me a TWGHs badge?


The TWGHs badge is only for staff use as internal identification. We cannot give such tokens of identification away as a gift. However, you may purchase a variety of items from the Tung Wah Museum as souvenirs.

Question 10: What forms of training sponsorships are provided to TWGHs staff?


Training sponsorships granted by TWGHs include:
  • tuition expenses / attendance fee;
  • day release;
  • requisite examination fee;
  • Requisite course materials for the examination;
  • examination leave; and
  • non-local training sponsorship.

Question 11: What welfare benefits are provided for staff working in TWGHs?


Welfare benefits for staff working in TWGHs include:
  • medical and hospitalization benefits;
  • dental benefit;
  • discounts for renting residential premises of TWGHs;
  • staff housing loan fund and relief loan fund;
  • academic excellence incentive scheme for children of staff members;
  • marriage gratuity;
  • childbirth gratuity;
  • grandma and grandpa gratuity;
  • death condolence (for staff and their family members);
  • special grants for funeral expenses;
  • funeral discounts (for staff and their family members);
  • sponsorship for self-arranged sports programmes;
  • long service travel panel award scheme;
  • long service awards;
  • retirement awards;
  • travel award for staff on retirement;
  • staff recreational activities discounts; and
  • preferential offers for purchasing cake coupon and products of other companies.

Question 12: Can retired staff of TWGHs enjoy any welfare benefits?


Welfare benefits for retired staff of TWGHs include:
  • medical and hospitalization benefits;
  • funeral discounts (for retired staff and their family members); and
  • priority admission to TWGHs' home for the elderly (only for staff who continuously served TWGHs for ten years or above before retirement and meet the requirement of Social Welfare Department in applying the residential care home for the elderly).